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What we can do for You

Daily monitoring of the development of new global trends in the food industry, the end-user we want to close any possibility of developing new products, replacing the existing add-ons in order to achieve improvements, optimize production processes, and achieve savings or similar activities that would substantially contribute to the improvement of services and further development of quality. Most of the raw materials from the domestic market from trusted manufacturers and quality control in accordance with the applicable quality standards


What can You ecpect from us

We bring maximal efforts to adopt our possibility to a Customers needs.
From our warehouse in Zagreb we deliver 500 pallets per month. This is a guarantee of high quality dynamic shipments.
A variety of products enables a collection of customers needs at one spot.
New technologies and products enables Your view in the newest world trends.
Our first choice for raw materials are local or European origin. Quality control is in accordance to a latest EU food regullations.